The Young Orators Club of Secunderabad is an organization that aims to develop public speaking skills among its members. Apart from being an oratory club, we are also a place for free and open discussion of ideas – any ideas, because no subject is off limits. At YOCS, we learn from one another and try constantly to better ourselves. A typical session is about three hours long. During that time, we engage in various exercises in speaking on a wide and interesting variety of topics. Anyone is welcome at YOCS. Age, education, or experience are no bar. All we ask is that you come willing to listen, speak, and grow.

YOCS sessions are held from 5:30 PM to roughly 9 PM at YMCA, Secunderabad (see map for directions). A few sessions have previously been held at Lamakaan. Any such change in location will be posted on our Facebook page.

The functioning of YOCS is guided by our Constitution. Properly followed, it sets out a framework that keeps the Club well-oiled and running. The aims it sets out are lofty, and for a club that seeks to mould minds to be free and sharp, necessarily so. These are enshrined in articles 1 through 3, while articles 4 through 10 deal with the more practical concerns of the organization.